"Discover the potential of your vision"


My core objective is to lead you across some of the most fascinating lands that planet earth could ever offer us, systematically chasing the light and correctly adapting and adjusting photo techniques to it. We will begin from the start, by studying the territory, evaluating the opportunities that it could provide us with, based on its morphological characteristics and light’s incidence.


Workshops’ format is of a practical nature. The experience will happen predominantly on the field. Understanding the territory, the rhythm of Nature that characterises it, are a key learning tool to us. Early morning wakes will allow us to enjoy sun rise, whereas during the less photographic favourable times, we will dedicate to exploring the surrounding in order for us to find the perfect spots for capturing the sun set until the last light and beyond.


There will also be a technical approach to the course, whereby, through the use of all the tools available to us, we will look into managing and combining all the elements on the scenery in the best possible way. We will deepen our knowledge about the use of filters (gradual, neutral density, polariser in primis…) discussing the importance of these and the correct usage. In the briefing session, during which we will analysis some of the already available photographs, we will mainly cover composition approaches, also referencing to current and past known authors.


It will certainly not be just a course, but it will be an experience enveloped in unique and memorable moments of sharing and adventure. This is in full communion and respect with and of nature and the environment. Nature is pure sensorial welfare, an invaluable privilege; and the key to observe it goes through the understanding and respect of it.


  • Study of the landscape and selection of the most favourable time for your preferred spot. Explore and evaluate, weather check, tides, and light incidence.
  • Study of the composition, based on the surrounds and background, morphology, geography and light,
  • Use of filters and correct management of the exposition, in primis,
  • Creation of a portfolio of images,
  • Focus on ethics in regards to photography, the territory and landscape.


The feelings of the journey and the pleasure of discovery come together to shape an unforgettable experience in a the constant search for sensory wellness, enjoying the beauty of some of the most extraordinary places on Mother Earth.


Discover the potential of landscape photography. The workshop is a real course where constant confrontation, together with practical notions, will lead you to observe even more consciously, applying the appropriate technique to your vision.


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"Seize the opportunity of a lifetime. Be it a workshop, a tour or a one on one, immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of Nature, find your way to your vision"