Alba – The Epic Scotland

I remember when, in 2007, I arrived at Glasgow Central Station amidst the curiosity of a new world to be discover and the enthusiasm of those who were about to change their story. Yes, just that very enthusiasm that for years has dragged me to countless experiences and crazy journeys. To sleep in the car at minus 28 degrees, with only the moon to dazzle on me. To wake up in the middle of the night (or rather not sleep) to admire the starry sky. To end up in a frozen stream and get up, continuing as if nothing had happened. To be lulled by the wind on the edge of a cliff, enjoying this privilege. And again, bizarre encounters and notes of a solitary life, yet full of involvement. Even at times of difficulty because of those rainy days that never end, a ray of light awaits as much as the Messiah and the almost perennial darkness of the northern winters. These are the moments when you reflect on what you have left behind. Your parents, friendships, dinners with friends, the five-a-side game and all those little habits that have distinguished you for decades. All of a sudden you feel different and the idea of solitude tries several times to touch you. But then you look around, re-open the window and realise that to the question that you get asked more frequently, “why did you choose Scotland?” you can only answer in total spontaneity, because, it is she who has chosen you, it is your philosophy of being and your very own life. Your freedom, your family, the dream you live every day and continue to pursue. A tattoo imprinted on the soul that over time is turning you into a conscious man. Shaping itself within yourself, that inner landscape that for better or for worse makes you unique and that is certainly reflected in the Nature that surrounds you.


Alba – The Epic Scotland, is a video produced in time-lapse, thanks to the fundamental help of my colleagues and friends Alessandro Petrini and Alessio Felicioni. A journey that crosses the land where I live, exploring its essence, through wild landscapes, hills, cliffs and the various seasons. Enjoy this journey.